Determination of Important Contact Parameters for Spur Gear Design


  • Getachew Admassie Ambaye Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Bahir Dar Institute of Technology (BiT), Bahir Dar, Ethiopia


Sliding velocity, contact width, contact pressure, film thickness


This study focused on the determination of the important contact pa-rameters of spur gear design for the investigation of different parametric studies such as the maximum pressure, contact width, contact film thickness, sliding velocities, and others. The single and double tooth contact region has been de-termined for the given gear parameters along with their contact lengths. The contact width and pressure can be determined by considering the engaged spur tooth as a cylindrical object. The film thickness will vary from the mesh ap-proach (minimum) to the mesh recesses (maximum). The film thickness is de-creased in a single tooth contact region a maximum value at the mesh termina-tion.




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